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Participant Enrollment Form
1. Participant Information
Name Birth Date
Social Security Date Hired 
Address 1
Address 2
2. Payroll Deduction Election
I wish to participate at this time.
The total amount to be deducted from my paycheck will be $ or  % per pay period.
In addition, please deduct $ or % from any bonuses I receive.
Note: This deduction will continue until your employer receives a new election form informing them of your change.
3. Investment Selection - American Funds
Cash Management Trust of America  %
Capital Income Builder %
Intermediate Bond Fund of America %
U.S. Government Securities Fund %
Investment Company of America %
The Growth Fund of America %
Euro Pacific Growth %
New Perspective Fund %
SMALLCAP World Fund %
AMCAP Fund %
Fundamental Investors %
Washington Mutual Investors Fund %
American Balanced Fund %
American High-Income Municipal Bond Fund %
American High-Income Trust %
American Mutual Fund %
The Bond Fund of America %
Capital World Bond Fund %
Capital World Growth and Income Fund %
The Income Fund of America %
Limited Term Tax-Exempt Bond Fund of America %
The New Economy Fund %
New World Fund %
The Tax-Exempt Bond Fund of America %
The Cash Management Trust of America %
The Tax-Exempt Money Fund of America %
The U.S. Treasury Money Fund of America %